A. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or all of your teeth, we can assist you with implants as the closest thing you can experience to your original teeth.

Single Tooth Replacement

If you’ve lost one tooth, or need to replace one that is about to be extracted we can place an implant, abutment and crown to fill in the gap from the missing tooth or the one that will be extracted. There are two ways we can do this with you during an extraction. The exciting information here is we’re able to do this 7 days a week as we have the specialists on staff able to do these procedures.

Immediate Placement

 As we extract the tooth, we can place the post in the empty socket and fill in with bone graft and a collagen membrane to keep all intact. Healing will take place around the post allowing the implant and bone to seal together. You would not need to come back for surgical placement as that step would be completed. This will allow for soft tissue healing and building bone around the post.

This should help preserve soft tissue form and contour, reduce the number of surgical appointments, reduce treatment time and costs, and ultimately optimize aesthetic results. The next step would be the placement of the abutment and crown to the post when everything has healed.


Immediate Loading

 As we extract the tooth, we place the post in the empty socket along with bone graft material and collagen membrane. We also place the abutment and the temporary crown allowing you to walk out of the office with your tooth replacement. Aesthetically you have all your teeth as you leave the office.

B. Replacing teeth in dentistry has made serious advancements. The most modern and longest lasting tooth replacement option is implant tooth replacement for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or your whole arch (upper and lower).

The advancements also extend to the when we are able to do this procedure with you.  We can immediately place an implant post at the time the tooth is extracted, placing the implant into the empty socket left by the tooth, adding bone graft material and a collagen membrane to speed the growth of the bone around the implant post and the healing of the soft tissue that surrounds it.   Implant posts can also be placed in areas where you have already lost the tooth and the healing has already occurred.  We are also able to do the complete implant, abutment and temporary crown in that same visit if you need to for aesthetic reasons.

If you have multiple teeth missing, or a need for extraction, implants can be placed into the newly empty socket or surgically placed at the same time.  We can place a fixed or removable prosthesis.  Here are so many scenarios, but needless to say, it doesn’t matter the day of the week as we’re able to care for you here at Columbia Implant Center.

An implant is made up of three parts, the titanium post that is inserted into the jaw as your original tooth was.  This gives stability and strength to this structure so you do not notice a difference between this implant and your original tooth.  The second part is called the abutment which screws into post allowing the third part, the crown, to be screwed or cemented onto the abutment.  The result is a tooth like your original that will never get a cavity or the need for a root canal ever again.

C. Arch Snap on (Removeable).

The use of implants anchors your arch to your upper or lower jaw. This can be set up to “snap on” or unsnap from your jaw. This allows you to have the benefit of implants to promote bone growth and help keep the arch secure while anchored. This keeps the costs down while maintaining the benefits of implant supported prosthesis, using fewer implants. You can replace your current prosthesis with an implant supported prosthesis.

Arch Fixed (Permanent) All on 4

Worry-free, just like your original teeth you were born with. This is a permanent solution for your teeth and your smile. Never remove them, never have another cavity, root canal or crown. Eat whatever you desire and show off your smile.

D. Teeth in bad shape?

If your teeth are in bad shape we can remove them and replace them with implants with either a removable or permanent prosthesis allowing you to smile with total confidence and forgo the embarrassment of your dentures slipping in your mouth and preventing any further bone loss.

At Columbia Dental we’re able to bring you in, take care of you, and you leave with your teeth all in the same day, 7 days a week. We have the specialists, we have the digital laboratory allowing for the digital milling and 3D Printing of the prosthesis that same day, the digital 3D Cone Beam Panograph to map your jaw and teeth for placement of the implant posts.

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