Implant Centers vs. Columbia Implant Center

There are implant centers and then there is the Columbia Implant Center.  What is the difference?  Most implant centers are linear, both in their thinking and their process.  They are a place to go to have implants inserted to replace teeth.  There is one plan – Plan A.

Columbia Implant Center is versatile and interactive.  There are multiple pathways.  Columbia Implant Center is a multi-specialty practice.  It excels in implant placements but they can do root canals with their endodontists, or treat periodontal disease with their periodontist.  They can extract seriously unhealthy teeth with their oral surgeons and of course place implants to replace the missing tooth/teeth.  Implants are a choice, but usually the last choice of everything that can be done.  There is no just plan A, there are alternatives, plan B, plan C, etc., that will meet the needs of the patient the best.  Columbia Implant Center listens to the patient’s needs, has the resources to meet those needs, and accomplishes the task to the patient’s satisfaction.

Columbia Implant Center is not single-minded, with only one mission – to place implants.  It is as flexible, diverse, and able as your mind.  It is composed of all the specialties, has the resources, and is open 7 days a week to meet the patient’s needs.  Columbia Implant Center wants to meet the patient’s needs and not just sell them an implant.  We take care of the routine and the complex dental needs.  We’ll see the patient for both emergencies and scheduled appointments.  Multiple tasks can be completed simultaneously which leads to our standard…one day, same day, 7 days a week.

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