Dogs and Dentures

If you’re a dog owner, you understand the special relationship and close bond that is formed between a dog and its owner. A dog has an acute sense of smell and knows the unique scent of its owner. Anything you wear from clothes to dentures will identify you to your dog. That scent is comforting to your dog and he or she wants to be close to that scent because it’s tied to you. It’s something that likely makes your dog happy.

Another enjoyable pastime for dogs is chewing which serves many purposes. For puppies, it’s a way to relieve “toothing pain” caused by new incoming teeth. For more mature dogs, it’s how they keep their jaws strong and teeth clean.

If your dog does indeed chew your dentures, Columbia Implant Center can fabricate for you a new one, the same day, in just a few hours, we can repair or create a new denture for you.  Although, try to keep your new one out of your dog’s reach!  Call 860-730-6020 for your appointment.

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