Digital Denture

Digital dentures are dentures that are created from start to finish…digitally.

The impressions are done using digital scanning of the mouth, and the dentures are designed, based on these scans, in a computer and then printed using 3D printing technology.

Arch Snap on (Removeable)

The use of implants anchors your arch to your upper or lower jaw. This can be set up to “snap on” or unsnap from your jaw. This allows you to have the benefit of implants to promote bone growth and help keep the arch secure while anchored. This keeps the costs down while maintaining the benefits of implant supported prosthesis, using fewer implants. You can replace your current prosthesis with an implant supported prosthesis.

While ultimately the type of dentures you select is a personal decision, the features that line up in favor of digital dentures include:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Better Bite
  • Better Fit
  • Quicker Replacement Process than with Conventional Dentures
  • Complete Individualization Options (vs. limited, prefabricated design options with conventional dentures)

Arch Fixed (Permanent) All on 4

Worry-free, just like your original teeth you were born with. This is a permanent solution for your teeth and your smile. Never remove them, never have another cavity, root canal or crown. Eat whatever you desire and show off your smile.

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