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Welcome to the Columbia Implant Center. - Abbas Mohammadi, DDS

The old adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention” is truer than many believe.  When the pandemic hit, I had to temporarily close down many offices due to the closing of the state by the governor.  I consolidated my specialists to my main office in Manchester.  I had people come from all over the state for urgent and emergent services as that was permitted during the state’s closure.  People wanted to come here rather than go to the crowded hospital emergency rooms that were overtaken with Covid-19 cases.  Technology also advanced quickly and I was able to build a digital dental laboratory to mill crowns, 3D-print partials and dentures and install a 3D X-ray machine (CAT scan) that would allow us to map out the mouth for implant placement through surgical guided templates without having to cut gums to place the implants.  I also discovered that implants provided a wide variety of solutions for people’s dental issues allowing us to have one day, same service 7 days a week to ease the burden on our patients and limit future issues.

Thus, from a pandemic, arose a new creation known as Columbia Implant Center where we have the specialists, we have the technology and we have the resources needed for all things implants, be it a replacement for a single tooth, a bridge, an implant supported partial prostheses, or the ultimate solution, virtually eliminating the need to come to the dentist again, an implant supported prosthesis that works entirely like your original teeth.  You’re able to chew, bite, tear, talk, smile like you originally could with the teeth you were born with.

Why Columbia Dental Implant Center?


Innovation is what happens when you have multiple resources that you’re able to integrate into one elegant solution that is fast, cost-effective and readily available. Columbia Implant Center is able to combine the board-certified specialists, the digital technology and lab and the availabiliity seven days a week. At the Columbia Implant Center, it is not just about implants, but we do offer the expertise if your choice is to get implants.

We are prepared for all contingencies at the Columbia Implant Center.

We have all the dental specialties represented here. If you are in the midst of a root canal with our endodontist and he finds your tooth is fractured beyond repair he can immediately refer you to our surgeon who can remove the tooth and we can place an implant post in that newly empty socket with some bone graft and collagen membrane and you will end up with a perfectly good tooth permanently replacing that once painful and broken one. With the digital laboratory we can fabricate the crown to replace that broken tooth.

When you have tooth emergency, we are able to care for you, to get you out of pain.

If we need to extract the tooth, we can replace it with an implant if you want. If you need a root canal, we can do that. If you have perio disease, we can treat you with our periodontist.

Why are we able to do this in one day, the same day, seven days a week?

We have the digital technology that we can scan, model and digitally the create the crown, bridge or denture while you are here, made on premises right here in Manchester.

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